St Pete dolphin watch continues 🐬 #warpedtour #mlvyv

Parking lot paint session pt 2 #warpedtour #progress

Sunset at the venue last night was pretty rad. And there was a pirate ship. 📷 stolen from @ryanhatesyou

Yearly polaroid with @wreckinghotelrooms

Linkin Park. Ventura.

Surprise guest today in Ventura, wonder what else is in store this summer

Pomona hangs, @danny_seth keeping me company! Where’s the rest of #teamNYD?!

@carleelowe and I survived Vegas yet again 🎉


Anonymous asked:

ummm holy shit can you get married yet cause you are perfect!!!


Haha uh thanks! Not sure about the marriage part, but I appreciate the enthusiasm!

Pomona. Day 8? #warpedtour

Pomona. Day 8? #warpedtour


jordankader asked:

I just wanna say that you had the best tip jar/box/whatever you wanna call it thing out of everyone at warped.


ahhhh thanks! I’m surprised you knew it was me!

Some mayday parade to end the day in ABQ #warpedtour


Best line in the whole series to date.

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